Find People For Free

How To Find People For Free

Are you looking for a certain person? Then it might interest you that there are several ways to find people for free on the Internet. Access to this world wide network is available in nearly every country and more and more people take part in it. You can make use of this fact to find people for free. Just think about yourself: Where did you leave traces? Did you comment on blogs? Sign up to social networks? Take part in newsgroups? Those are just a few examples but you can see where this is going. Nearly every person on the web has left his or her traces somewhere and can thus be found. Read on to find out about five ways and tools that you can use to find people for free.

Find People For Free? Here’s How

Of course, you can just use a normal search engine like Google to find people for free. This first point may seem pretty obvious to you, however it is a good first choice with a few drawbacks. The major search engines have indexed the most parts of the Internet already and so they have all those information that has been mentioned above in their databases. To use such a tool to find people for free, you can search for any details that you might have. Sport teams, employers, of course his or her name. You can get a lot of information this way, but it will be unsorted and unfiltered, which means it can take you a while.

Find People For Free in the Blogosphere?

Weblogs aren’t just for nerds anymore. Many people have their own, where they share recipes, stories or tips for their hobbies. Maybe the person you are looking for has also commented on other blogs, and so his or her name shows up on those as well. In such cases it is easy to find people for free using the special tool provided by Google, the Blog Search. This search engine will especially search for blogs and their comments. If you manage to find the person’s blog or a link to his or her homepage, it will be easy to establish contact.

Find People For Free with Online Directories

Believe it or not, it may be that the person you are looking for actually wants to be found. This is why some of them enter their contact details at sites like LinkedIn or Xing. Now you could go the hard way and just search through all these sites by hand, or you can use a specialized search engine. One of those search engines is YoName. This nice site makes it a pinch to find people for free.

Just enter the name of the person and it will search through over thirty of those sites, and also some more, like YouTube, which you wouldn’t consider a good source to find people for free in the first place. If you can’t find the person there, you may also want to consider using another site to find people for free, but hopefully you won’t be successful there, either. That site would be the Social Security Death Index (SSDI), which allows you to search through all the deceased US citizens. Though this is sad, it may give you a reason why you lost contact to that person.

Find People For Free Using An Employer

If you want to reestablish your connection to an old business contact or to a colleague of an earlier employer, then you can find people for free with a special database for job listings like Jobster. All you need is the information that you already have: the name and the employer. The database will then go through all its entries to show up the possible results. This is really a great way to find people for free as many employees are allowed to have special twitter accounts that show their affiliation with their employing company. If that fails, you can still always just call the employer and ask if he or she is still working there.

Find People For Free With A People Search Engine

Doesn’t that sound all too obvious? You may already have heard of such services. There are so many of them on the Internet and they basically all serve the same purpose: find people for free. One of the most common search engines of that type is 123people, but there are many more sites available. The better they are, the more information they can give you. You can expect to find everything from street addresses to pictures or any blog or forum posts. Some of those tools actually even search through amazon wish lists!
Basically those search engines combine all of the above tools to find people for free and they can give you the most detailed information. However, especially when the person you are searching has a very common name, you will also get many false results. Luckily, you can limit those searches by entering the person’s city or zip. This is of course only applicable, if you know this information. Best is, if you take some time to organize the data to sort what’s plausible and what belongs to another person.

Find People For Free – 5 Ways How

Those were just five ways to find people for free: search engines, social networks, web directories, job databases and people search engines. If there is any information of the person that you want to know more about available on the Internet, one of those methods will find it. This is also the only weak point of this strategy: Especially persons who never had contact with the Internet are very hard to be found.

When you try to find people for free online, it is always the best idea to think about the person first. Where are you most likely to find him or her? The more information you have or gather, the easier it is to get even more. If you ever run out of places to look at, come back to this guide and read it again. Just be persistent and a bit creative and you will soon master how to find people for free.




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